DLM Music Trust is percussion sponsor at CMS Raleigh

Your donations at work   Partners & Sponsors   CMS enjoys enthusiastic community support for its mission from many supporters of the arts. We receive public funding through the Raleigh Arts Commission, United Arts of Raleigh and Wake County with funds from the United Arts campaign, and North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the […]

Shout out to DLM Music Trust by Boston-based band Bad Rabbits

INTERVIEW: DUA BOAKYE, BAD RABBITS http://passthepunk.com/interviews/86/interview-dua-boakye-bad-rabbits/ Posted on October 26, 2011 in interviews Pass the Punk recently got an exclusive interview with Dua Boakye of Bad Rabbits, an R&B/Soul/Pop group from Boston, Massachusetts who are currently on the ‘Sgt. Schlepper’s  Who Needs Hearts Club Band Tour’ with Travie McCoy, the Black Cards, Donnis and XV. […]